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Jigsaw Classroom

Jigsaw Classroom

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The jigsaw activity in the classroom gives each student a piece of the puzzle, making every child an important aspect in completing and fully understanding the project at hand.  Every child's part of the puzzle is essential which is what makes this strategy effective.

The jigsaw classroom is a researched-based cooperative learning technique.  This technique reduces racial conflict among children, promotes better learning techniques, improves motivation, and increases their enjoyment on whatever subject they are learning about.

Jigsaw in Ten Steps
  1. Divide students into different groups of 5-6 students
  2. Appoint one student as the leader of the group
  3. Divide the lesson into 5-6 segments
  4. Assign each student one of the segments
  5. Give students time to read over their segment and familiarize themselves with it
  6. Form "expert groups" by having the students team up with members of their same segment
  7. Bring students back to original group
  8. Ask each student to present their segment to the rest of their group
  9. Pass by groups, observing each group
  10. Quiz students about each section 
Education World: Jigsaw Technique is a website that gives examples on how to use the Jigsaw Technique in different subjects!

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