Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Interactive Whiteboards

Smart boards

What is an interactive whiteboard?

The interactive whiteboard is a large interactive display that is computer drawn.  This allows its users to access and manipulate electronic files by means of a projector and the board's surface.  You can annotate over any software and save the notes electronically.  Annotation can be done by  your finger, pen, or stylus.

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How does the interactive whiteboard work?

The interactive whiteboard is is connected to a computer by a USB cable, then the computer is connected to a projector.  The system needs all three of these things to properly function.  You shine the projected image onto the whiteboard and then calibrate the image onto the screen by using several different points. 

What can I do with an interactive whiteboard?

This board serves for a variety of different reasons.  At a very basic level, you can think of this whiteboard as a large computer accessory as it can mirror whatever is displayed on your computer.  

It is also possible to write electronically on this device.  Think of this as chalk that you would use on a chalkboard.  When you make contact with the board, you can draw and write things out, just like you would on a chalkboard.  You can think of this as digital ink.  You are still writing on the board but just in a different way.  You can have the board blank and then fill it up with notes,  just like a chalkboard.  But when you are finished with annotating whatever you want, you can save the image and keep it in your files, unlike a chalkboard where you erase it and it is gone forever.  At that point it is saved as an electric file that can be emailed, saved, and printed for a later date, whatever you want to do with it!

What is an Interactive Whiteboard? This link goes more into depth about all the great things you can do with Interactive Whiteboards! 

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